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Ensuring Safety in Greenhouse Heating: Ventilation Top Tips

Heating your greenhouse is essential, but doing so safely is paramount. One of the critical aspects of safety in greenhouse heating, especially when using gas heaters, is adequate ventilation. This blog will cover our four essential safety top tips to ensure efficient and safe operation of your greenhouse heaters.



Tip #1: Adequate ventilation for combustion

Ensuring proper ventilation is crucial for the correct combustion of gas in heaters. Without it, there’s a risk of soot accumulation in the burner, which could lead to the heater shutting down. To avoid this, the best practice is to install a 4” diameter drain pipe running along the greenhouse floor to provide sufficient oxygen to the heater.

Tip #2: Optimal positioning

The pipe should be positioned to run through the side of the greenhouse or polytunnel, ending close to the back of the heater. This setup not only ensures proper oxygen supply but also optimises fuel consumption.

Tip #3: Install a high-level permanent vent

Besides the lower level oxygen supply, it’s essential to have a higher-level permanent vent. This vent allows the products of combustion to escape, maintaining a healthy environment inside the greenhouse.

Tip #4: Handling long-term storage

When heaters are not in use, especially in cold periods, proper storage is vital. Covering them in a plastic bag protects against insects and spiders, which might clog the venturi tube or gas burner, leading to a yellow flame or flashback fire. Such blockages require cleaning by a gas engineer or a competent person before using the heater again.


Final thoughts

Safety in greenhouse heating hinges on proper ventilation and maintenance. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your greenhouse remains a safe, warm haven for your plants throughout the colder months!

And remember…

Regular checks and maintenance are as crucial as the initial setup. Always stay vigilant about the health of your heating system to enjoy a safe and productive growing season.