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MasterChef Barbecues

Matlock Rugby Club hold our open rugby festival for players aged 8 to 12 on a Sunday each year at the end of April. The event is attended by over 2000 folk from rugby clubs all around the UK including players and their families, and the primary source of food for all our hungry guests are a couple of your Masterchef BBQs.

Volunteer parents of players from our own club work in 45 minute shifts from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, cooking bacon & sausages on one grill and burgers on the other, and as quick as we can feed raw materials onto one end the cooked food is being whipped into the bread rolls at the other. I’m not sure that any other device could be as proficient and more suited to the job of cooking such quantities of food outdoors than one of your grills., and so much easier to fire up in the morning and clean down at the end of the day than any traditional BBQ.