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Professional Potting Bench With Top Cover

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This special offer set combines our bestselling Professional Potting Bench with its’ specially designed Top Cover. This Top Cover enables you to create a large, professional space dedicated for seed sowing and potting up. We designed the top cover to fit snuggly over the top work area of the bench, keeping compost dry and creating extra growing space when your greenhouse or polytunnel is bursting at the seams!

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This Special Offer Set includes:
Professional Potting Bench this sturdy aluminium bench lets you plant and pot up easily and efficiently by creating the perfect work space. To keep everything you need to use close to hand it has a strong, watertight tray which can hold up to 65 litres of compost, a high level shelf where small tools or pots can be stored with ease and has a large lower shelf ideal for holding larger pots and seed trays. The work surface for this bench is a moveable mesh surface which we have designed to slide along the top of the comport tray, allowing access to the tray to collect compost whilst excess compost falls through the mesh back into the tray below.

Top Cover specially designed to make the Potting Bench even more versatile. This rust proof, aluminium cover fits snuggle over the work surface of the bench. So, if your potting bench is in a greenhouse with a sprinkler system the cover will keep compost free from water. It also means if you’re using the bench outdoors it prevents rain from filling the compost tray with water. Or, for peak growing times when greenhouse space is at a premium fitting the top cover turns the potting bench into a normal flat topped greenhouse work bench.

Supplied in kit form for self-assembly. Once assembled your potting bench will be approx. 40″ wide x 22½” deep x 37″ high (54″ overall height including top shelf) (102cm x 57cm x 94cm (137cm)

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