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Water Mat for Modular Staging

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Place a Water mat within the Tray of the Compact Staging to enable easy watering of your plants. Keep the water mat wet and your plants will take up water as and when they need it keeping them healthy !

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Water Mat for Modular Staging is 3/8″ thick water matting with an exceptionally high water holding capacity of 12 pints per sq. yd.
Dark grey colour of the Water Mat helps to hide dirt & soil spillage.

Simply water the matting by hand or by dripping directly onto it, the water will spread evenly across the matting giving an ample supply of water and good humid atmosphere for your plants.

Supplied pre-cut to size to fit either our 10″ (25.5cm) or 15″ (38cm) Compact Staging.

Illustration shows a sample of our Water Matting in one of our Gravel Trays.

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