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Deluxe 6′ High Fruit Cage 18′ Wide

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Unobtrusive dark green, high quality, 6ft (183cm) High Deluxe Fruit Cages very strong but light enough to be moved from one site to another – increasing their usefulness throughout the year. Constructed from a tubular aluminium framework with a dark green, powder coated finish which gives a very smart, painted look which is not only extremely durable but also greatly enhances the overall appearance. Black U/V stabilised nylon joints are used to connect the framework, producing a Fruit Cage that will last for years.

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Deluxe 6′ High Fruit Cage 18′ will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Kits are based on 6ft (183cm) spans (i.e. an upright at every 6ft (183cm) intersection within the fruit cage) which gives an extremely stable structure.

Each kit is supplied with everything you’ll need to complete the fruit cage, as follows:
7ft (213cm) corner legs – rot proof ¾” (19mm) diameter aluminium tubing which has a strong 1mm thick wall & a dark green, powder coated finish, supplied 7ft (213cm) long allowing 12″ (30.5cm) to be sunk into the ground to provide firm anchorage. Each has a black ground spike at one end and a 3-way 90-degree joint at the top to form the corner of the cage.

6ft (183cm) horizontals – (the same specification as the uprights),are used to form the horizontals at the top of the cage. These should be connected to the joints at the top of the uprights using either a wooden or rubber mallet.

Fruit cage netting – ¾” (2cm) square mesh 2 metres wide, used to cover the sides & top of the fruit cage.

Netting clips – to join the fruit cage netting to itself, having wrapped it over the horizotal poles, this gives a bird proof join as it does not allow any sagging between the clips.

Ground pegs – to anchor the bottom edge of the netting to the ground.
PLEASE NOTE: A door is not included, a door or multiple doors can be purchased seperately, please see the accessories tab.

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